May, 2009 Edition,


Very many people are now getting the orbs in their pictures, and they are now becoming normal to this reality. I still believe they are from other dimensions, but then, they have been visiting in this dimension, although mostly unseen, for perhaps eons. For those who on occasion scoff at the orbs and any evidence about them, I am very happy to refer them to the exceptional new book, THE ORB PROJECT, co-authored by MIceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D. and Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., with an introduction by the esteemed Dr. Wm. Tiller. This illuminating work pursues a more scientific approach to the orbs, which even the least of the scientifically-inclined, like myself, may find fascinating and comphrehensible. My gratitude to the authors and Dr. Tiller for taking a scientific look at the orbs phenomenon with the gift of humor in addition. Everything you need to know to photograph and postulate about them seems to be here.

If you are an orb photographer, it is now time to expand your horizons and go beyond orbs! What do I mean by “beyond” orbs? Take advantage of your increasing abilities as a multi-dimensional being, living in the days when demarcations between dimensions are blurring. Open yourselves to getting all manner of light and energies from other realms, and perhaps you shall. To further elaborate on going beyond orbs, I refer you to an exciting interview with Dr. Simeon Hein, on CCTV 54 in Colorado which appeared on YOUTUBE on Feb. 7, 2009 by the host of, Joe Diamo. In that interview, Dr. Hein states:

“We really should be expanding our scientific parameters to incorporate these {paranormal} phenomena, instead of being so afraid of them and pushing them away, because we have several crises going on right now on our planet, environmental, economic -- these are all connected and part of the reason is because we are pushing away scientific discoveries, possibilities and opportunities for discovery and for expanding ourselves. We want to deal with the world as a material substance even though we know from quantum mechanics that we are almost hypnotized by materialism and the basis of everything is energy. We are suspect of things we can’t easily measure but we can see the end product of some of these phenomena, like these balls of light above crop circles. We treat matter as more real than energy.”

Since my last updating of the site in 2008, I have received some new recurring phenomenon in my images - Life-force energies, which some call “plasma” or ectoplasms, (but which are not), red dots of brilliant light, usually in close proximity to orbs, and brilliant white opaque orbs. The brilliant white orbs, which appear to be 3 dimensional objects, are quite unlike most orbs which have varying levels of transparency. Since I believe all orbs have purpose, these new opaque orbs challenge us to find theirs. The more orbs I photograph, the more differentiation prevails.

Note: The life-force mists are not to be confused with ectoplasm, which is an organic manifestation of spirit mediums during trance.

Nancy McKinney, M.A.,
May, 2009


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Nebulae photos courtesy of NASA Hubble Telescope