Bad credit loans online

Bad credit loan -Discover more information about credit loans online for bad credit

When you need to have small sums of money, to shop quickly or to face unexpected expenses, small loans are the most advantageous solution. These are loans granted for small amounts, with convenient interest rates that can often be requested even by those who do not have a paycheck or have no particular guarantees.

Discover more information about credit loans online designed for people with bad credit

Getting 500 USD on loan is not a complicated thing, but certain guarantees must be provided (even if minimal).

The 500 USD loan can be obtained from employees, retirees, self-employed people (also freelancers) and in some cases even from unemployed.

The fastest and cheapest solution is to apply for credit loans online, by filling out a FREE form on the internet.

Small online loans up to 1,000 USD

Small online loans up to 1,000 USD

The first form of a small loan is the one that allows you to have up to 1,000 USD on your current account, to pay the dentist’s expenses, buy a Reflex type camera, etc.

Can you have unsecured loans?

Given the (relatively) small size of the amount of money requested, in particular conditions these loans can be obtained even without guarantees. Specifically, we refer to the loans of honor, or special loans granted “on the word” to university students, to those who attend a master’s degree or to those who want to start a business. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you may have to provide a guarantee, which could often also be a guarantee, or the guarantee by third parties to repay the sums of money on your behalf in the event of your default.

Small online loans up to 5,000 USD

Small online loans up to 5,000 USD

Up to $ 5,000 you can still continue to talk about small loans. There are, in fact, financial companies that offer this solution on their respective official websites. But be careful that there are some differences compared to the funding seen above (those up to 1,000 USD).

Guarantees needed

Given that you are asking for a higher sum than our first example, the guarantees that come may be greater. Among them, the presence of a paycheck, a pension slip or a tax return are almost always present. Other guarantees that may be requested are a guarantee, one of the most important personal guarantees ever, with which a third party undertakes to guarantee the repayment of the small loan.

The surety, the personal guarantee par excellence

Best bank, Small loans

The financial company Best bank allows you to have a small loan of up to $ 5,000. We made a loan installment calculation for you directly on the official Best bank website and here is what we got: 

  • Monthly payment : $ 161.49
  • Amount requested: $ 3,500
  • Duration: 24 months
  • TAN 9.99%
  • APR 11.02%

Here is another example asking for the maximum possible and maximizing return times:

  • Monthly payment : $ 92.60
  • Amount requested: $ 5,000
  • Duration: 72 months
  • TAN 9.99%
  • APR 10.65%

Among the mandatory conditions, the Best bank requires having a bank account (find out the best current accounts).

Small rechargeable loan

One of the most interesting alternatives among small loans is what is known as a “small rechargeable loan”. A bit like a SIM Card, in which we pay money to use with phone calls, in this case, we get a loan that we can use for the expenses that you need (even if you want everyday ones). After using the money you will have to pay installments, usually monthly, in order to repay the money used and, at the same time, top-up the loan so that you can use it again in the future.

PIM account of Lite Lender

Among the most famous small rechargeable loans, there is undoubtedly the PIM account of Lite Lender, with which you can have a fast and convenient loan. Here are the main features:

  • up to $ 3,100
  • Fixed TAN 9.00%
  • Fixed APR 13.11%
  • concession in 48 hours from the acceptance of the request
  • monthly fixed rate installments
  • no fixed costs
  • interest is calculated only on the amount actually used

I need $ 5,000 but I’m on the blacklist, how can I do it?

This is, unfortunately, one of the conditions that affect an increasing number of Italians. The blacklist, or the registration in the register of bad payers, is a consequence of the failure to repay some installments of loans entered into in the past (it is enough not to pay even one installment to be entered in the register of bad payers).

If you are sure that you are blacklisted and you need a small loan of 5,000 USD, the situation becomes difficult. The only viable ways are those of the transfer of the fifth, which is usually also granted to bad payers or to provide additional guarantees, such as a guarantee.